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Donation Guidelines 2015 -16

This document is a guide for all those who wish to apply for a donation from Wilsons Fruit and Vegetables.


These guidelines apply to all donations made by Wilsons Fruit and Vegetables. All donations given will be deemed to have an impact into our local and regional community.


Donations: A donation is support given to a group or organisation, where no immediate benefit to Wilsons Fruit and Vegetables is anticipated. Examples of this might be:

  • support for a emergency relief program, or 
  • gifts donated to raise funds for a local or regional cause ie bush fire relief.
  • donations to a charity

Funding criteria:

The following are the overriding principles governing our donations decisions: Your application must fit into one/two or more of these criteria to be eligible for support.

  • Activities deemed to have significant local or regional impact and or reach; 
  • Appropriate fit with Wilsons Fruit and Vegetables brand and company values. Ie health, community, family, school programs.
  • Relationship and connection to Wilsons Fruit and Vegetables and its community; 
  • Potential for broad community impact.

Must be a not-for-profit event or charitable organisation; and have the

  • Potential to involve Wilsons Fruit and Vegetables management and staff.

Preferred areas of support

Wilsons Fruit and Vegetables 's donations activity supports the following areas of interest.

  • Men and Women's Health
  • Families in medical crisis
  • Cancer
  • Schools

Application process

Formal requests for corporate donations should be made by completing the Corporate Donations application form on the website. The application should address the criteria and be in the preferred areas of support, set out in this document.

Decision making process

In accordance with Wilsons Fruit and Vegetables 's Corporate Donations Policy, all applications for funding that meet the criteria set out in this document are presented to the Donations Committee for review.
The Committee reserves the right to fund or donate to activities that may not fit the criteria but due to extenuating circumstances a donation is deemed appropriate.

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