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Irrewarra Sourdough


Irrewarra's breads are 100% authentic sourdough. That means they are made using as a leaven, a culture of wild yeasts and bacteria which naturally occur in the air and flour. Their culture was created by allowing these natural yeasts and bacteria to multiply in a mixture of flour and water which is then used each time we bake. This method is the original bread-making process used before baker's yeast was developed.

The use of a natural leaven is not the only thing that makes our bread very special. The ingredients we use are simply flour, filtered water and sea salt. Their breads are allowed the time to slowly ferment and develop their unique wheaty flavour and moist chewy texture - never heavy or sour. Each loaf is the culmination of a 30 hour fermentation and resting process. Hand-shaped then baked on the stone floor of the oven, each loaf is the individual creation of our bakers' hands.

We stock the following Irrewarra Products:

  • Casalinga
  • Sandwich Loaf
  • Sesame Wholewheat
  • Breakfast Seed Loaf
  • Spicy Fruit & Nut Loaf
  • Bread Stick
  • Ciabatta
  • Long Ciabatta Rolls
  • Hot Cross Buns
  • Christmas Fruit Loaf
  • Chocolate Panaforte
  • Granola
Irrewarra Sourdough
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